Limited-Time Offer From the FitPro Instagram Inner Circle
Get the ULTIMATE Instagram Shortcut...
... FOR JUST $1
From: Leon Benjamin & Justin Devonshire, Founders of the FitPro Instagram Inner Circle
Date: Monday, August 26th, 2019

If you accept this proposal, it will cost you exactly $1. 

That’s right... 

One. Cash. Dollar.

That’s the “bad news”.
Now For The Good News...
In exchange for the tiny investment, I am going to give you one of the greatest gifts I could ever give a fitness business owner for their Instagram strategy

It’s the accumulation of my golden nuggets, strategies, systems, shortcuts, tips that I’ve provided gym owners and personal trainers for Instagram over the last 4 years. With these recommendations, they saw growth in followers, engagement and sales through Instagram. 

And I’m going to let you have them… 

ALL of them

… for just $1

I’ll tell you why shortly, but first, I have a question... 
Are you Just “Winging Instagram”?
Going with the flow?
Making content and engaging with people on the fly?
Doing it all alone with no guidance?
Or do you have a strategy to grow your Instagram profile?

If you are going with the flow, don’t feel guilty.. A lot of people do this. And a good part of my career in this space, this is what I relied on as well. In parallel, some of the top fitness guys have started this way too.

For a while, this works

But we reach a plateau...

In the beginning, when I was just starting out, and my business was small, going with the flow got me started and helped to get myself out there. The same story unfolded for my fitness clients. But as we grew out of our existing circles, going with the flow wasn’t enough anymore.

As my mentor, Yaseen Dadabhay says to me, “Random action equals random results.”

So I Did Something Most Business Owners Would Dream of Doing...
I looked through every conversation I had with clients to dig out the solutions that solved gyms and PT problems on Instagram for good. I assembled my entire process of how to run an Instagram account organically and carefully mapped out what the steps are. 

We ended up with a giant framework of how to use Instagram for a gym/or trainer. Here are some of the elements from it:

  • The overall strategy of getting paying clients from Instagram
  • What to do Daily, to ensure Local Growth for your account
  • How to BOOST your local exposure overnight with an underused area on your profile
  • How to optimize your bio for premium positioning and supercharge your lead generation
  • How to start efficiently using IG stories - even if you are camera-shy
  • The principles of making IG Stories that make people watch the entire thing
  • How to use IG Stories to promote your content, create deeper connections and sell your products & services 24/7
  • Caption Writing Templates
  • Content themes and ideas for your gym / PT business
  • Content planning examples and variations
  • ...And that’s just to name a few!
Virtually every aspect of marketing on Instagram for fitness businesses has been documented in step by step detail and principles… 

And these have all been put to the test... 

We used these checklists and guides with gyms & trainer accounts (even with complete IG newbies)
The First Tests Were Not Bad… 
Maybe not all the IG newbies followed them to the T, but most got decent results in a matter of days. These “test” subjects had a lot of questions which led to us tweaking how we explained the guides and added additional support to keep them on the path.

So that’s what we did. 
The Result: SUCCESS!
We now had something of substance and repeatable for almost any gym or trainer to use and implement.
  • We had checklists
  • We had examples
  • We had templates
In essence, we stripped it down to the basics so that any newbie can understand, while even a seasoned veteran can appreciate the breakdowns and continue adding to their toolbox.

Until recently, these checklists, reports and strategies were mine.

They were stored in my “Vault” and unless you were a private client working 1 on 1 with me, you never saw them. 

These were our secret sauce to how we managed to help gyms get endless local leads coming from Instagram... 

But recently we made a very bold move at FitPro IGIC.

We decided to take all our systems and templates… 

... Everything. 

.. and “open source” them to other fitness business owners, solo trainers and fitness professionals so they can use them and keep each other accountable. 

We call it the Fitpro Instagram Inner Circle (or “IGIC” for short) because we are the inner circle of fitness business owners who are in the know of all things that are working on Instagram now. 

At the same time, we are testing and sharing our methods as we go.

As an IGIC member, you get to see everything… the good, the bad, the ugly. 

We test emerging ideas while documenting our journeys so that all our members can use it and benefit. 

Here’s a look at some of the reports that are already inside the FitPro IGIC waiting for you:
If content is your weak-point, go through these:
  • 3 Types of posts working in the fitness space right now
  • Caption Writing Training (2 parts)
  • How to Master Client Transformation Posts
  • 9 Steps to Full-Proof Captions
  • Swipe and deploy Call to Actions to use in your posts right now
  • How to make quoted images like Gary Vee
  • The best ways to make nice looking infographics
  • How to design your social media images with Chris McCluckie
And by the way, if it’s traffic you’re after… well we have a set of that too:
  • How to get unlimited traffic from local sources
  • How to grow your local gym to capacity through Instagram
  • Extra Strategies for local traffic
  • 1,000 Followers in a Month Challenge (4 key strategies)
  • How to use a client’s bio for more exposure
  • Setting up a Follower Growth Campaign through Instagram Story ads
And that’s just a few...
Need a quick-start walk-through? 

Go through our 7 Day Implementation Challenge to Dominate on Instagram Locally:
  • 7 Follow-along videos that walk you through what to do to get your Instagram going in the right direction
  • Worksheets & bonus tools to help you gain clarity and focus on exactly what you need to do day-to-day
  • The Overall Process from speaking to locals to paying clients within Instagram for your Gym or Fitness Center. 
  • How to optimize your bio to get the right people to follow you and to promote your offers... without needing your additional time
  • How to structure engaging posts that grow your audience locally (We will cover these principles for easier posts in the future and give you content themes to post about throughout the challenge... if you have little or no experience in posting this will help you a TON)
  • How to find local audiences that you can mine for leads and clients every single day (even if you have never used Instagram as a lead generator before)
  • The exact steps to build your community on Instagram (using the data you researched and an overlooked aspect of engagement)
  • How to get more followers who care and increase your posts' exposure (these two are linked and need to be looked after)
  • And again, this is just a SAMPLE!
And by joining today, you can have immediate access to all these resources, for just $1.

Yep, just $1. 

But that’s not all…
Weekly “What’s Working Now” LIVE Trainings & Q&As
As an IGIC member, you’ll also get to drop in our internal “What’s Working Now” meetings where Leon shares what’s new, what’s hot and what’s WORKING across the fitness space on Instagram. 

It’s like sitting in at our team meetings for the latest content strategies that are hot and working right now. Instagram is an ever-changing platform that adapts to survive. We must do the same to stay ahead.

You’ll get the latest ideas with examples and how to start effectively using them. Along with a chance to ask us questions as we cover these every week so you stay up to date with trends.

During these calls, you have the opportunity to ask us anything… literally, ANYTHING!
Fast Assistance in the IGIC Community
As an IGIC member, you are getting access to our private mastermind group, “FitPro IGIC”.

Focusing on a traditional mastermind group framework, the FitPro IGIC is all about:
  • Sharing what's working, and
  • Getting help with what isn't
Our Members include: 
  • Owners of gyms at multiple locations
  • Personal Trainers who work at gyms
  • Local Bootcamp Fitness Trainers
  • Online Fitness trainers
  • Fitness Product Innovators
  • Pilates Trainers
  • Seasoned fitness center owners
And once you have shown you are committed to this group, these members will be ready to come to your aid.

Whenever you have questions or concerns, you can pop inside the community and ask for help. Our team and members have faced many situations before. So whatever problem you may have, we may already have a solution for you.

As a fair warning though: you will be expected to participate and do the same for your fellow members.

So you get it all...

  • The Vault of our checklists, reports, cheat sheets, systems, procedures, previous courses, challenges, guides… almost every system we used for our client accounts
  • Weekly “What’s Working Now” Trainings & Q&A calls -- so that you are always up to date and in the loop of what is happening and working on Instagram
  • 24/7 Access to our FitPro IGIC Group (so you get help and support fast -- when and where you are)
You Get It ALL- For a Full 7 Days - For Just $1
That’s right.

Your investment today is just $1…
I May Be Crazy... But I’m Not Stupid
As you may have noticed, I have a method to my madness for making this offer

I am not going to get rich by giving away my best content for just $1.

I really hope you will love being inside so that you decide to stick around

If you do, AWESOME!

If not, that is fine too. 

Just cancel before the 7 days are up, and you’ll never be charged. 

But if you DO love it (and I think you will), you’ll automatically be renewed at our member rate of just $59.00 a month.

A small sum…

.. especially when comparing it to what you will generate when you implement just one of the strategies laid out for you, or what you’ll save in terms of time to know and get answers to your pressing questions that are causing you to lose sleep over and second guess yourself when it comes to Instagram.

In fact, I will make you a deal... 

If you aren’t able to make enough of a change during your 7 days after you implement them, then feel free to cancel

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the "Add To Cart" button now and let's get started.

And by the way, to avoid getting you too overwhelmed, you will receive a daily email for 7 days to coach you through step-by-step what to do in your first week. You will learn how to find UNLIMITED leads from Instagram for your business. Just follow the steps outlined and you will find them.

See you on the inside, 
Leon Benjamin
Co-Founder, Fitpro IGIC

P.S. - This goes without saying but this 1$ offer won’t be available for long. We think this is one of our best low investment offers but we might decide to change it.

So join right now while it’s fresh on your mind (and while this page is still active)
FitPro IGIC @ 2019